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Rezenerate Facial

I am so excited for my brand new toy!! I am always on the lookout for new technology to better serve your skincare, lashing and waxing needs. I am excited to announce my new service, called the Rezenerate! This is the best facial treatment (in my humble opinion :) Similar to Microneedling but without the needles, anesthetics, and blood. The Rezenerate facial creates micro-channels into your skin so serums can effectively penetrate into your skin so it can do its job. Instant gratification as you will see the results immediately! Even better results when you schedule a series of 6 treatments, one facial a week (along with a recommended skincare routine), then taper off to once a month for skincare maintenance.

So, how does this Rezenerate work, you ask? Well, what better way to describe it, than to show you!! Check out my video below.

*Great for all skin types and gentle enough for all skin conditions

**For better results, add a dermaplane with your session!!

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