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These are long lasting procedures that require fewer touch ups between sessions.  There is a free consultation to determine the best options for your unique features and needs.


An opportunity to discuss exactly what you're looking for and how to best achieve your vision. Thirty minute session!

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Create the brows you’ve always dreamed of with permanent cosmetic brow tattoo. We work with you on designing your new eyebrows. You will never have to waste time again in drawing in your eyebrows every morning, only to accidentally wipe off, melt or fade away throughout your day.  

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You are guaranteed one free touchup within the first three (3) months of your service. After three (3) months, prices change.

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When you need a touchup and its been more than three months since your first initial service for cosmetic tattoo. 

This touch-up is per service (example: eyebrow is one service, eyeliner is one service).

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Scalp Miropigmentation (medical hairline tattoo) is a non-surgical male and female scalp grooming; an incredible life changing treatment where natural pigments are applied at the epidermal level of the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles or strands- depending on your hair loss extent and desired look. Our method is regarded as the best treatment of its kind available in the world today, using only Ecuri pigments and application methods. Micropigmentation is suitable for all types and stages of hair loss, on all ages, colors and skin types. 

Micropigmentsion takes place over 5 sessions, each taking approximately 3--4 hours. The process allows for a very gradual and subtle rejuvenation/in-fill of the scalp, rarely identified even by close friends and family.

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With eyeliner tattoos, you can have the perfect eyeliner everyday. No more wasting time in front of the mirror every morning and having it faded, smudged, or melted down your cheeks by the end of the day. 

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