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Welcome to 2016

Wow, time sure flies fast when you're having fun! January 1, marks my first year anniversary. My little studio has steadily grown and I have made a few mistakes and learned a few things from them. Some were emotionally painful, some were expensive lessons, and lots of self doubt; yet here I am, going onward and forward!!

Life always becomes a little bit more interesting when you challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone. This adventure, I stepped out of my studio and asked my neigbor, Nancy a licenced massage practitioner and owner of Exhale Massage Studio, if she would be willing to team up with me and create our very first spa package for Valentine's Day. We had a lot of fun collaborating and brainstorming, at first it was just going to be a couples massage and a facial, then I suggested maybe we could ask a restuarant if they would be willing to add a dessert to our spa package. Blurting out the idea was easier for me than actually doing it, I am really shy and I tend to procrastinate when things are difficult (its a flaw I'm willing to admit to). Nancy lit up and suggested we should visit Roger's Riverside Bistro! She said she and her husband recently ate there and the food was fantastic. My feelings of dread of actually having to talk to the restuarant owner really made me nervous, but Nancy said, "Lets go do it today!" My heart dropped a little... "Uh today? Yeah, sure today, lets go!" We walked to Roger's Riverside Bistro and we found Roger, he turned out to be a very nice man, with Nancy next to me, she gave me the gentle push and courage I needed to meet someone new.

After meeting Roger and finishing up some details of our new Valentines Spa Package, I patted myself on the back for a job welldone. But I cannot take all the credit, as I have learned a lot from working with my friend Thi at the Smokey Point Spa. My first hand lesson in small business this month is, networking and collaborating with other business owners to create something beautiful and delicious.

If you're interested in the details and purchasing our Valentines spa package feel free to visit my scheduling site,


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