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High Priced

I've been told a few times by potential customers that my prices are too expensive for the services I offer and that they can find someplace less expensive. For a while I had to wonder, am I too expensive? Doing some research of the surrounding spas in my area, my prices are quite comparable and I stand by my prices. In the beginning, I would reduce my prices by 15 to 30%, in the end it didn't make me feel very good about myself and most of the time, these customers usually don't come back because they know its only a one time deal and they go off to the next place that will offer them a lower price no matter how good of a job I do.

I have been told to charge what I am worth based on my expertise and not to back down. It took me a little bit of time to gain confidence to get to that point and believe it. I know that I am good at what I do, I love what I do, I am worth it, and my clients are worth it. As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for".

I realized that some potential customers do not value our (beauty professionals) work, they don't see how hard we work and how much time it takes for us to become awesome at what we do. Lashing requires a great amount of patience, focus, attention-to-detail, steady hands, and eagle eyes to see the tiny lashes. It is also back breaking work, whether it be lashing, waxing or facials, everyday we are hunched-over providing a relaxing service for our clients. At the end of the service, the clients sits up, inspects our work, and goes home beautiful. The esthetician feels happy that the client is happy, but our back and necks are stiff and sore. At the end of the week, I go to my weekly chiropractor for joint adjustments, and a deep tissue massage every other week, which my health insurance only covers 12 a year. Once the insurance is used up, I have to pay out of pocket, chiropractor is $37 a session, and a one hour deep tissue massage is $90 a session. Plus I still have to pay my montly studio rent, supplies and materials used (Since I do a lot of lashes, I'll use lashes as an example. I still need to purchase my stock and use: lashes, lash cleansers, saline solution, laundry, glue, tape, eye pads, lash spoolies, and lip gloss sticks). So I am worth it.

Jenny lashing a client

When people tell me that I am too expensive, I tell them that my prices stand (I am worth it, just as my clients are worth the effort and skill I put forth for them to receive excellent service). Lashes, waxing, and facials are luxury services and they deserve a luxury price.

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