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First VLOG!!!

OMG!!! I made my first VLOG!!! I'm so excited, I look and sound like a total DORK, but I'm a happy dork! My friend Linda Jordin, fellow esty and owner of Bare Necessities in Lynnwood, we decided to team up and use technology to our advantage to talk about ingrown hairs. So far, its is a learning experience, such as learning how to edit the video, adding credits, a suuuuupppppeeeer slow computer, how to publish, trying to figure out how to open up a YouTube Chanel and hoping we wont get trolled. I think that is my biggest fear, being trolled by someone who is mean spirited. I don't understand these individuals and their need to terrorize people. I can't put myself in their shoes and therefore I don't understand them. They are so mean and cruel.

Press play and let the show begin! Let me know what you think, and if you have any cool ideas for next vlog let me know. Also, if you have any questions regarding lash extensions, skin, waxing and permanent makeup, send me an email.

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