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New Skills and Services

This last weekend I traveled to Vancouver BC to learn about volume lashes. My family decided to take the road trip with me to explore the beauty of Vancouver City and Granville Island, while I was hard at work and learning new things.

I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the class. There were only three other students and for me that is always a plus, I learn better when we get all the attention from the instructor. The instructor's name was Gloria and she traveled all the way from Taiwan to teach us her special technique. She didn't speak English and a translator was provided. I chose her via Facebook, I see so many images of her work and I really like her style, I was so happy and excited when she posted that she is coming to teach a one day class here.

I was a little worried and intimidated that for some reason this class would be way over my head and skill level. Silly thing to worry about right? There was a lot to learn and so much information to take in all in one day, my brain was mush! The new technique was not as hard as I thought it would be. The most difficult part was, trying to creat the perfect lash fan, picking it up with tweezers and not letting the fan unravel or fall apart. Dab a little bit of glue and carefully placing it on the lash of a manequin.

The extremely difficult part is, it takes a lot of time (4 HOURS!!), to complete a full volume set. It took me back to memory lane on how I first started doing lashes three years ago. I was so frustrated, the lashes are so small, thin and there were so many! My hands were uncoordinated, my back hurt and I just wanted to run away and cry because it seemed endless and hopeless. This time around, my back still hurts and my neck is killing me, BUT I didn't want to run away, I am frustrated at myself that it is taking me so long to complete a set. What I have learned over time while lashing is, my patience has grown tenfold, slow and steady wins the race. I want your lashes to look perfect. They need to feel right, there shouldnt be pain on your end and your little spoolie brush should be able to comb through your lashes smoothly without any kinks. In a few weeks, maybe a few months, with lots of practice, my speed will improve and I will be up to par.

Another skill I have added to my repetoire is, eyebrow extensions!!! Who would've thunk it? It was bound to happen, right. You got lash extensions, brows would be the next step. I learned my new skill through Sleek Brows. What sets them apart from other brow companies is, they have this texturized gel; the color of this gel is customized to blend with the color of your hair. It is then painted on in hair like strokes to mimic your brow hairs. I can also glue on synthetic brow hairs onto your brow. What makes this service so special is, the hair is not glued onto your skin. The reason why is, skin produces oil, and oil naturally degrades the glue quickly. Your brows wouldn't last more than a week! The texturized gel that is painted on your skin, creates a barrier to protect the glue from degrading. The synthetic hair is then glued on top of the texturized paint, creating a beautiful realistic eyebrow that should last up to two to three weeks (depending how super oily, dry, and how you take care of your new brows). I must admit that the eyebrows do feel a little strange, It kind of feels like stiff hair gel, but it looks gorgeous.

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