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Still Learning

As I have menioned before, this is my first time owning my own business. I'm constantly learning from experience, though I hate to admit it, sometimes it takes me a couple times to really learn from my mistakes, LOL. Though the best lesson learned is from other people's mistakes, but even then, sometimes you really have to make the mistake to understand it. Therefore I have implemented a POLICY page. I don't like rules but sometimes rules are good for someone like me and others :). It protects both parties.

I had an internal debate and I had to ask my peers about their point of view on this matter. My biggest pet peave, I really, really don't like no shows. It takes away time from other potential clients, it wastes my time, gas, money and materials. At the risk of turning off potential new clients, I have decided to implement credit card reservation only. I can see both sides of the argument:

Argument 1: It'll turn off potential new clients and they will not book with me and seek somewhere else to book their business.

Argument 2: My time is valuable and should be respected just like everyone else's time. A good example is: If you don't show up for a doctor appoinment, or you skip out on an expensive restuarant reservation, they will charge your credit card. If my clients and potential clients love my work and like me for me, then they will care enough to give me a 24-hour notice to let me know that they will not be coming.

Also, August is my sixth month anniversary and that also means my rent is going up. Starting on August 1, most prices will remain the same, but I am increasing the service price of my lash extensions. Full lash set new price is $120, Half set new price is $85, and a Fill will be $60.

Ah well, enough of this and on to some exciting news!!

I have completed my EYEBROW EXTENSION class. I had a really good time and I love learning new skills. I am excited to add more to my repetoire. Eyebrow extension is a new trend that is coming on fast and I am happy to be able to offer it to you. I am going through a company called Sleek Brows, which in my oppinion is much better than the other brow companies I have researched. Instead of just glueing synthetic hairs onto the skin where your brows will be, I will be painting your brows with texturized gel ink. Reason why is, the oil your skin secretes will degrade the glue that your synthetic brow hair is attached to. Your new brows will fall off with in the week. By using texurized gel ink, it creates a platform for your synthetic brow to grab on and your brows will last for 3-4 weeks.

Make an appointment with me and lets do some brow reconstruction!!

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